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Westdale Crawl: Lora's Walk-In Closet

Nestled in the beautiful village of Westdale is a charming boutique. It carries gently used or new clothing on consignment at a fraction of the regular pricing. Inside it holds hundreds of garments, pieces of jewellery, purses plenty and shoes galore. It even has a men’s section!

What is this heaven on earth you ask? It is Lora’s Walk-In Closet of course!

The school really lessens my time for shopping sprees, so I have to do all of my shopping in Stoney Creek of around McMaster University. The prime area near McMaster is, of course, Westdale Village. Featuring over 80 shops, cafes, restaurants and businesses, Westdale is a hidden gem of Hamilton. Many students have the underlying fear that Westdale is too pricey, which means they avoid shopping and eating there.

I have always loved pretty things but unfortunately, my wallet (or for many years, my parents') did not. That birthed my love of consignment shopping. It all started when shopping for tack for Gracie and realizing how expensive quality items are. I started digging into used and consignment shops and have found dozens of great items since.  It all started in the equine sphere but is now working into my closet too.

While at school, I have to attend a fair number of events and have a ton of presentations. I cam to school with a handful of 'staple clothes' that have been my lifeline for a long time. Over the past 18 months, I have shuffled some clothes out (#freshmanfifteen) and brought some new clothes in. Admittedly, everything I buy serves a purpose and gets a lot of use. But darn, it can be expensive.

Well, Emma - Go to cheaper stores! What a novel idea! In some cases, I agree.  When I needed clothes to scuff around in for Ecuador, that is exactly what I did. However, the majority of my clothes are going to be used well, so I like to make sure that they are of great quality. Otherwise, I end up buying replacements for the cheaper clothes within a month, which is not financially (or environmentally) sustainable.

So that brings me back to my main point - Consignment shops, and most importantly Lora's Walk-In Closet. Lora's Walk-in Closet is an upscale thrift and consignment shop which offers authenticated gently loved (or new!) items at a small fraction of the regular pricing.  To paint a picture, consider some of the purchases that I have made

Micheal Kors Sweater Dress - $30+HST
J Crew Wrap Skirt - $15+HST
Kate Spade Beanie and Gloves - $20+HST
Coach Loafers - $20+HST
Kenar Vest - $20+HST
and a multitude of necklaces and what not all under $15 each!

Some of these items (like many at the store) are upwards of 90% less than the regular pricing. This allows folks like me on a tight budget to fill their closets with quality items for the same or less than discount retailers. As I noted earlier, I have to dress up a fair amount for events and presentations and of course, want to avoid wearing clothes too often which the same crowds. Lora's Walk-In Closet is the perfect solution.

The store opened in Westdale in September of 2018 and it definitely one of my favourite spots in the village. Lora and her family are funny, personable and make you feel like a real VIP whenever you are shopping there. She has a great ability of finding and bringing in the best items that may be used, but are still trendy and in perfect condition. In many cases, some of the items are brand new!

For anyone in the area, I would recommend visiting Lora's Walk-In Closet, which is located at 992 King Street West as soon as possible and as frequently as you can. New items are always coming in! If you cannot make it but are still interested, you can find the store on Facebook or online. It has become one of my favourite parts of Hamilton!

Two of my favourite finds!

A hint for who is next in this series!
None of the posts in this series are sponsored or directly affiliated with any merchant or business. I simply think they deserve some recognition for being some awesome!

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