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Just Jackets

At Trillium Championships 2017, I purchased a lovely new RJ Classics show jacket in a blueish grey. It is great lightweight fabric and fit me without any alterations having to be made. This will make my jacket count five. Since it had been a while since I bought a jacket (nearing two years), I wanted to review myself on what a "nice jacket" would look like.  My coach is a bit of a traditionalist but always has us turned out impeccably for the show.  She has helped me decide on many of my apparel purchases and along the way taught me about what to wear and when.  With her tidbits of information and the help of Google, I bring to you this post.

In my years of showing, I have never strayed from Hunterland.  Naturally, I am a traditionalist and respect the fact that Hunters originated from the hunt field. When it comes to jackets, if you are aiming for a traditional fit, the length of the jacket should just pass your bottom (this leaves  ¼” of fabric when sitting in the saddle). …

Westdale Crawl: Buffed Nail Bar

There is nothing better than a good manicure.

But as a frugal student, this is a luxury I just cannot afford!

At least, that is what I had thought.

Finally, in October of 2018, I bit the bullet and finally got my nails done for the first time in ages. I had networking events coming up and found myself super self-conscious about my hands. So I did my research and anticipated that the prices meant that manicures would be a rarity in my future.

I was wrong!

I found Buffed Nail Bar when trying to find nail salons around McMaster. It located about five minutes away from the heart of campus in Westdale Village, which makes it the perfect escape between classes.  At $15 for a mini manicure and $25 for a classic manicure, I knew that Buffed was worth investigating.

Upon entering, you are greeted by a friendly and personable staff who find you a drink (tea, coffee, water or alcoholic depending on the mood) as well as help pick out a colour. They have a great collection of colours, but I found …

Survival Kit

One of the most common trends that I see on blogs is the "What I cannot live without" post. As much as I hate cliches, as a student, I have a survival kit of items that I cannot go to class without. As such, today's post will take a dive into my backpack and sort through all of the things that help keep me going all day while at school.

The first item is actually the most important. It is an Incase Icon Lite backpack and the love of my life when it comes to bags. It is simple and modern but has a compartment for everything. It has a laptop sleeve that fits my MacBook Air (and loose papers)with plush, faux-fur padded section while the main compartment houses larger items (All of the stuff seen above). This section fits a couple of my grab bags, a water bottle container, glasses case, wallet, headphones and any needed textbooks. It also has two pockets, one medium size and in the front and one that is phone sized near the top. The phone pocket is big enough for an iPhone 7+…

MACMUN 2019!

I had the pleasure to spend the past three days at the McMaster Model United Nations conference in Hamilton, Ontario. I was named the Russian Federation delegation in the Economic and Finance Council and debated solutions to problems such as the tax havens and global slavery. The MACMUN team kept up on our toes, even adding a crisis related to refugee fishers in Vietnam.I was lucky to have the opportunities to compete in my regional Model UN throughout high school. 

Over the course of four years, I represented Belarus, Sri Lanka, and Hungary on a variety of concerning issues. Last year, I was the Russian delegate in the ECOSOC committee at MACMUN.  I have always enjoyed the action and preparation of Model UN - it truly can be fun. However, as I prepared for this conference, using the skills taught in my Integrated business and Humanities course, I constantly drew similarities to the knowledge gained from my classrooms.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that Model UN is a great educat…

Westdale Crawl: Lora's Walk-In Closet

Nestled in the beautiful village of Westdale is a charming boutique. It carries gently used or new clothing on consignment at a fraction of the regular pricing. Inside it holds hundreds of garments, pieces of jewellery, purses plenty and shoes galore. It even has a men’s section!

What is this heaven on earth you ask? It is Lora’s Walk-In Closet of course!
The school really lessens my time for shopping sprees, so I have to do all of my shopping in Stoney Creek of around McMaster University. The prime area near McMaster is, of course, Westdale Village. Featuring over 80 shops, cafes, restaurants and businesses, Westdale is a hidden gem of Hamilton. Many students have the underlying fear that Westdale is too pricey, which means they avoid shopping and eating there.

I have always loved pretty things but unfortunately, my wallet (or for many years, my parents') did not. That birthed my love of consignment shopping. It all started when shopping for tack for Gracie and realizing how expensi…

EK(orean) Skin Care

Many people comment of the quality of my skin, which is something that I am very proud and thankful for. While at school, you are constantly in a cycle of stress and in many cases cold weather that is not good for your skin. As such, I have created a skin care routine modelled after the famous 10-step Korean skincare routine. It is suited for my normal skin and dry/cold climate. Thankfully, I do not have to worry about any breakout treatments or presentation (knock on wood) when going through this routine. I set aside 10 minutes in the morning and evening to complete this routine, often after a short yoga session (self-care all the way!)
In the morning, I start with an oil wash. In the “10 Step Korean Skin Care Routine”, they say oil based, but I jump right in. I take two fingers of coconut oil, massage onto my dry face then rinse with lukewarm water.  This removes first layer of dirt and makeup. I follow up with a foam wash at this point to remove and excess oil or dirt. I have the Av…