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Laurier's OCEA Show

This post is more of a brag than anything.

Today was the first OCEA West Zone show of 2019 and hosted by Laurier Equestrian Club at MJM Equestrian. This the second show of the season at MJM and they had great draws the time before.

The day started out not as planned, with my mum and I initially delayed due to a flat tire. Fortunately, we were able to make it to MJM before the show started to sign in.  As luck would have it, I drew two beautiful, grey jumpers for my Open Division. I had ridden Donovan and Flash once or twice in the past, but they are the opposite of what I am used to (which is half the fun of the OCEA!).

In a previous post, I talked about how I am a compulsive over-packer. That worked out fine though today! 2 McMaster riders were in need of a show jacket and another in need of gloves, but fear not, I was well equipped.  A big shout out to Avery for being brave enough to wear my grey and red jacket on her two stunning draws!

The schedule was flipped a bit, starting with the flat classes and the over fences to follow. As such, I was able to watch the McMaster Entry, Novice and Intermediate riders all ride beautifully on the flat. Then it was my turn! I was in the first flight with one of the other two McMaster Open riders. I drew the perfect Flash horse who I had flatted back in October at the Fanshawe OCEA show. He is well schooled but massive. Nevertheless, he flatted so well and made me look pretty good. The judge asked for a number of tests, and we completed them to the best of our abilities.

After the Open flat class was the Open over fences. One of the McMaster riders led us off, taking the bold inside turns we discussed in the course walk and made it look seamless. I was about ten riders after her and took the same track that we discussed with the darling Donovan. He was bold and went along with my plan merrily! Laurier designed a great course with two options and four tests incorporated. I loved the course and hope to see something similar at the next shows. Then I was done and able to sit back, cheer away and watch the Intermediates, Novices and Entry riders go. McMaster has a great balance of new OCEA riders and experienced members which makes the days go smoothly. As the day progressed, there were a lot of great rides across the board. A few of riders, from McMaster or elsewhere took the same track that I liked so much, many with success.

Then came the awards! McMaster has great representation across all divisions and a full contingent at this show. Three of our riders went home with a reserve champion or champion in their division, myself being one! I wrapped up the day with two first places, Open Champion and High Point  Rider of the day. But the AWESOME McMaster riders had lots of successes and ultimately was awarded the High Point Team of the day. Based on my point calculations this moved McMaster into 2nd place school up from 5th for the OCEA West Zone standings! Go Mac!

Mac's BIG Winners

Big Winners + High Point Team


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