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Show Day ROOTD

I always love doing ROOTD (Riding Outfit of the Day!) posts, but I realize that I have never done a Show Edition.  Although not the fanciest pieces, my show ROOTD for OCEA fits well and serves the purpose perfectly, even on the coldest of days!  Here is what my horse show ROOTD looks like...

Starting at the top is my GPA Little Lady helmet. I have had this helmet for a while but I am still in love with how well it fits and I still love the look with my RJ Classics.  It is an easy helmet to clean up for the shows and still looks classy to this day. For gloves, I love my Samshield V Skin Gloves and of course my two-toned Roeckls.  These gloves are lightweight, grippy, comfy and durable.

Like many show go-ers, I have a bit of a show shirt addiction.  I have a few Cheval show shirts that are lightweight and fashionable, which makes it a perfect shirt for summer showing. I sized up though in order to fit a base lay under them and make sure that the sleevs are long enough.  In my garment bag, I often keep a backup shirt which is a light blue Essex Coolmax shirt and a Royal Highness shirt in light blue as well. I know that colour is frowned upon, but white is not my colour, especially in the winter!

I love my dark grey RJ Classics jacket as it is well structured, durable and lightweight. It is machine washable which makes it perfect for university life! I often bring my backup jackets in case I am feeling bold, which includes one black, one brown and one grey which red piping.

Like every hunter princess, my show breeches are Tailored Sportsman Trophy Hunters. These breeches have been a staple for riders for decades, but always find a way to stay in style.  Designed with TS’s signature relaxed fit and four-way stretch make them feel comfy and look tailored. I keep a pair of Tuscanys too that allow a base layer under them in the coldest of days. The comfortable mid-rise, and wide waistband will make you look like the perfect Hunter Princess.

On my feet, I always have my GPA boot socks and Ariat Heritage Contour Field Boots. They were considerably less than other boots but well-made and very comfortable!  The elastic gusset inside the knee is part of their secret for comfort and snug fit.  The contoured ankle, plain toe cap, and high Spanish cut all contribute to their elegant and timeless look.  I personally loved how easy they were to break in and the Duratread for extra grip! 

What does your Show ROOTD look like?  Comment away! The next OCEA show is January 2013, so all this will be off to the dry cleaners before then!

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