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TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement

As a student in the IBH program at McMaster, the phrase Corporate Social Responsibility comes up frequently. CSR initiatives are brilliant ways to give back to a local community, or a cause and as a result, make positive changes. But this can be applied on an individual level too. That is where and the "TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement" come in!

 As individuals, it does not take much effort to improve someone’s day or the environment around us. Doing good deeds and small acts of kindness are things that we should obviously be doing. But xocial makes it fun! "xocial" is a gamified social platform where participants compete against one another to earn XO points and improve their ranking. This places value on small deeds and prizes on being the best of the Do-Gooders. The TalentEgg xocial impact movement seeks to have more people make a difference for their personal and professional self. Everyone has the ability to look around themselves and see problems that they face. But the smart person sees the solutions. TalentEgg’s movement seeks to make a difference in people lives by finding more of these solutions. We all want to make a positive impact on communities and the world. It is something that we frequently study in my classes and one of the main reasons why I am so proud to be a part of this TalentEgg movement.  

 I had been an active Campus Ambassador last semester, so I was so excited when I received an email from TalentEgg about their xocial impact movement and their Back to School campaign in September! I promptly registered and started scoping out the challenges. Fast forward to October 14th, the campaign came to an end and I was the winner! 

Yes – Doing good for those around you is very rewarding and give you a great deal of intrinsic value. But TalentEgg makes it extrinsically good by awarding top placements and having some top-notch prizes! As the Back to School Campaign, I won an amazing prize pack valued over $1000.00 including Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones and Incase Icon Lite Pack and SO much more (second and third place were awarded Amazon gift cards as well). I would like to share with you all of the awesome goodies in my prize pack in my unboxing video below! 

You can keep an eye out for the next TalentEgg xocial Impact Campaign at and you too can #DoGoodWinBig!

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