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Self Care 101

The last post discussed time management on but probably the second biggest factor to a successful life at university is self-care.  Students often forget to make themselves a priority. There is no need to apologize for making ourselves a priority. We cannot live for others' successes while neglecting our own needs. We need our well being a priority. Remember that even on the airplanes, they even say "you must secure your oxygen mask first before taking care of those around you."
One of the first steps is to create a list of your "go-to" activities. These activities act as healthy mechanisms to release your stress. I am lucky to have my dogs with me while at school, great clubs that I am a part of and great friends. Horseback riding is my main mechanism for destressing. I have a riding lesson every Sunday which allows me 4 hours to tune out of the hectic student life and do something for me.
Also, be ready to treat yourself every now and then! I aim to have a mani…

Time Management 101

With finals coming up, it is a crucial time to talk about time management skills. Despite tasks piling up and more studying than ever, we still only have 24 hours in a day.

One of the staples in my business library is Stephen Convey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People". It looks at seven habits, but the golden egg of this book is the Eisenhower Decision Box. The box splits tasks into Important/Urgent, Important/Not Urgent, Unimportant/Urgent and Unimportant/Not Urgent.  I strive to complete this 'taskmaster' at the start of every week. The idea is everything deemed important and urgent you do, and the important but not urgent is put on delay. This leaves the important and unimportant but non-urgent tasks to be delegated or eliminated. I use it for academic and personal tasks because once it is on paper, it is so clear to know what to do! Always, always, always keep a list of upcoming tasks!

When studying, I like the Pomodoro method. In the late 1980s, Fran…

What's in my O.C.E.A. Bag?

I am the literal mom of all the groups that I am in. My mom duties include but are not limited to baking treats, providing blankets or always having a backup item.

At O.C.E.A. shows, I struggled for my first year on what to pack and what not to pack. As your horse has all the required tack and it already groomed for you, it limits on what you need to be bringing. But there is still a lot that you do need! I fit the majority of it in a large duffle bag and carry a garment bag and my boot bag separately. Here is the breakdown.

In my main bag, I have everything! I bring 3 horse coolers/blankets, two boot shining kits, my helmet bag, a change of clothes, an extra sweater, and a small cosmetic bag. The cosmetic bag has a sunscreen, lip chap, hand lotion, hand sanitizer and an eye cream. Horse show mornings are always early, so this allows me to look alive.
The coolers and blankets are crucial on frigid show mornings. I bring a few that way the McMaster team can all cozy up when they are no…

The Introvert Goes to School

Throughout elementary and high school I would be what we classify as an introvert. I was often shy and reticent in unfamiliar situations. To combat this, I learned to love presenting and public speaking, which is a skill I use frequently now. I thought I have “overcome” my introversion over high school. I enjoyed working at a fast pace, I was energized by public events and had an air of self-confidence that I once lacked. But it can be difficult to outgrow such a staple of your personality. My Myers Briggs test revealed that I did still lean towards introversion over extraversion. I still opt for individual projects whenever possible and will often focus on a single task at a time.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this person and working this way however it can be difficult at University. University prides itself on building social connections within departments and as a school. It is terribly frightening to go to a new school with thousands of people you’ve never met before. Ins…

Networking Events for Dummies

This is a big week for me! Not only did I just celebrate my 20th birthday, but I am off to my first DeGroote networking event this week. I have my fair share of networking experience between this blog and my time at SJD Equestrian with other businesses, but I have never had to network for myself. Selling Emma Hamilton is more complicated than a blog, event or facility could ever be.  So I hit the books (and the LinkedIns, Pinterest, and any other possible site) to learn all I could about networking events, and most importantly, how to survive them without looking like an idiot.

The first step I made was to improve my social presence, mainly on LinkedIn. I figured if I was going to connect with anyone after the event, it would be via my email or my LinkedIn profile. Now, how awful would it be to have a great meeting and direct the person to a lousy LinkedIn page? You know the feeling when you hand out your childhood email to a teacher? I am pretty sure it would be worse.

So I pimped my p…

TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement

As a student in the IBH program at McMaster, the phrase Corporate Social Responsibility comes up frequently. CSR initiatives are brilliant ways to give back to a local community, or a cause and as a result, make positive changes. But this can be applied on an individual level too. That is where and the "TalentEgg xocial Impact Movement" come in!

As individuals, it does not take much effort to improve someone’s day or the environment around us. Doing good deeds and small acts of kindness are things that we should obviously be doing. But xocial makes it fun! "xocial" is a gamified social platform where participants compete against one another to earn XO points and improve their ranking. This places value on small deeds and prizes on being the best of the Do-Gooders.The TalentEgg xocial impact movement seeks to have more people make a difference for their personal and professional self. Everyone has the ability to look around themselves and see problems that…