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The New EQonomics

EQonomics has taken a backseat in my life the past few months with show season, work and then my first year of University. I am thrilled to return to writing and sharing but have elected to change things up a bit. First, let me get you caught up!

For those of you who do not follow me on social media, I have now started in my second year at McMaster University in Hamilton. I am lucky enough to be one of the 50 selected students in the inaugural Integrated Business and Humanities program. Like the name implies, it offers a balance of commerce classes and humanities classes to help shape us over the next four years - with wonderful opportunities throughout the program!

This is the first year of the program being offered at McMaster University (Hamilton, Ontario). The simple concept of the program is that by adding humanities courses to a business program, it can help build better business leaders who have critical thinking and communication skills, as well as strong cultural perspective and intelligence. The program has been years in the making but is off to a great start and has a great new group of first years now!

You caught all that right? Insane statistics!

On the horsey side of my life, I have stayed busy! I was on the McMaster O.C.E.A. Team last year and back again this year. O.C.E.A. is a brilliant student-run program for equestrian with limited time during the school year. I wrapped up my first year finished 6th in the West Zone in the Open Division and managed a 4th at the O.C.E.A. Finals. That is all I will say, as I have an upcoming O.C.E.A. post coming up!

When I returned home in May, I started riding a talented mare at my barn named Ginger. My coach Susan has worked (and continues to) incredibly hard with this mare and trusted me in her learning process. We decided to brave a show at the start of June and ended up having an amazing summer! Ginger came home with a tricolour at every show, won reserve champion at the Trillium Championships and finished Champion and Reserve Champion in her divisions for the zone year-end awards. But most importantly, Ginger (and Susan) taught me so much and we had so much fun! Gracie worked the summer at camp (which I proudly taught at again), and was an absolute all-star for all six weeks. Gracie continues to make me laugh and warm my heart with her huge personality. In short, I am lucky to have both of these mares in my life to help make Summer 2018 perfect!

Now as much as I love to talk about the excitement in my life, the real purpose of this post is to explain the new Traditionally I have written about riding experiences, products, and trends in the equestrian community.  This has been a very successful area for me and the blog, however, it is time for EQonomics to expand into something bigger. EQonomics will continue to focus on the equestrian community but will expand into university lifestyle and utilize the skills that I learn over my four years at university.  Fear not, there will still be lots of product posts and photos of the horses! With all of this being said, I am inviting you to email or DM me if you have a topic you would like me to address or article you have written that you would like to share, send me an email at

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