Friday, April 06, 2018

Product Review: Samshield V Skin Gloves

I received a pair of gorgeous Samshield V-Skin Gloves from my coach almost three years ago.  At the time, I have admired the Samshield gloves that a few of the ladies at the barn have a pair, so I was thrilled when I received a pair of my own!

They acted as my show gloves all season long for 2016 and 2017 and they have reached a point of point well worn. With so many rides in them, I think it is time that I share my thoughts on this unique product.

Samshield released their line of gloves after a longtime demand and that kickstarted a line of products outside of their helmets.  Like with their helmets,  Samshield analyzed the existing products on the market and surveyed loads of riders before they designed the gloves.  With the information they learned, they were able to make a pair of gloves that was function, fashionable and flexible.
When I tried on the gloves, I was amazed by the fit.  They fit like a glove (pun intended) but were also flexible, not bulky and lightweight.  The V-Skin gloves are made of 4 different materials which contributes to the natural feel of the glove.  The lambskin leather offers maximum comfort while maintaining airflow.  The suede fabric and silicone offer exceptional grip and durability. Finally the Lycra and spandex offer offer comfort and a perfect fit.

In summary, the gloves are lightweight, grippy, comfy and durable.  Although I have yet to ride in them, I can testify that the pairs that are used at my barn have stood the test of time.  I believe that all of the pairs are a year old now and still are as comfy and grippy as the first time they were used.

Throwback to the Peter Stoeckl Clinic...
Yes, sporting the gloves!