Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Staying Fit while Staying at Home

I am the worst person to be writing this post because up until two weeks ago I was the ultimate couch potato. However, with the OCEA Finals coming up, I knew it was time to step up my game. I have always agreed that we are athletes as equestrian but between school and life in general, it is hard to follow that motto.  


At home, I was at the barn six days a week and often able to ride multiple horses a day. It was great and something that my body took for granted. At school, my main exercise has come in the form of walking (always walking...). This semester I have weekly riding lessons, but I know that I need to be stronger - especially if I have any hopes of going to finals. The obvious answer is to ride more often but frankly, my planner and my wallet both say no. 

Here is what I have been doing instead...

] I have dived into the world of yoga. Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I slap on my comfy pants and roll out my mat. First things first, even fifteen minutes of yoga before the rush of classes is enough to put my mind (and yours too!) at ease. The mental benefits of yoga are endless, but so are the physical benefits.  By focusing on abdominal, leg and arm strength, it is an all body workout and pretty close to riding. I  have found a few YouTube videos for novices that I like, but a quick browse will find hundreds suitable for you!

Running and biking are primary examples of good cardio however in this weather it is unlikely that you will find me outside. So instead I hit the stairs! The most basic is to jog up the stairs and walk down but there are so many alternatives and different exercises using stairs. Finally, core and key to help with the balance going over fences and just in general when riding. I have cracked out a sports stability ball and use it as frequently as possible (even as I type this!).

No matter the weather or your mood, musician really encourage you to work out.  I strive to set aside 20 minutes a day for yoga or cardio but also walk and use the balance ball as much as possible. So, if you want to improve your riding, get off the couch, crank some tunes and go at it!