Saturday, February 24, 2018

What is in my Grooming Bin?

In my first "What is in my..." post I looked to my big Stanley Tack Trunk.  Today I will be looking at what can be found in my grooming bag.  My grooming bin is not fancy, it's kind of dirty and it's all pink but it does the trick and I can shove a ton of grooming products in!  Without further ado, here is the breakdown of what is in my Grooming Bin!

How shocking and original... Brushes in a grooming bag!  I have the usual suspects and a variety of hoof picks in my bag.  However the two best grooming tools EVER are my cactus mitt and magic brush, both from Pony Express Girls.  The cactus mitt is perfect for removing saddle marks or sweat stains  and the reverse 'fluffy' side is perfect for wiping off any dust.  The magic brush is literally magic and has gained a small following at my barn.   The magic brush can remove mud and grit or anything else that a grey horse can roll in 

Baby Wipes
So simple and inexpensive and SO useful.  My grooming bag is not complete without a package of baby wipes.  Whether for getting any dust off of a horse or getting dust off of my face, I swear by them.  Everyone should spend $2 and get themselves a package!

Because there is no such thing as a tail that is too thick!  Thoroughbreds often get a bad reputation for having scrawny tails, and that is where MTG comes in.  Despite the horrid scent, it works great.  Gracie, Bear and Jon have a noticeably nicer tail (and smell like bacon!)

Show Sheen
My name is Emma and I am a show sheen-aholic. The horses I ride are all spoiled and love to be clean (thankfully).  After brushing or bathing, I spray a little show sheen on their coat to repel dust and keep their coats shiny.   

Cowboy Magic Greenspot Remover
Riding a bay was awesome.  "Is Gracie dirty? Is she clean?" Nobody knows!  But everyone can tell when a grey horse is dirty.  Thanks to Jon, Greenspot Remover is a staple in my grooming bin.  Greenspot Remover is made from  natural, non-sudsing cleaners derived from plants which is always a plus when looking at grooming products.  It also leaves a shine, even when you only use a small amount.

For both me and the horses!  I try to keep a few juice boxes either in my tack trunk or my bag for after I ride as well. I always try to keep a bag of mints in my grooming bag as they are a great treat for the horses or a quick sugar rush for myself.

Thank concludes what is in my Grooming Bag!  Stay tuned for more posts in the coming days! I am returning to McMaster tonight and starting my second term tomorrow!