Friday, February 09, 2018

Balancing School and Horses

With school just starting over, I feel that this is a very important post for me to write.   I have learned how to be a good student and balance my education with my riding.  I will not lie... It is tough!  Here are my three tips for balancing school and horses (or whatever takes up your planner!).


These are just three simple tips.  You can find lots more on the COTH forum page here.Without a plan, one cannot have a destination.  Without a schedule, one cannot accomplish anything.  ALWAYS plan your schedule ahead of time. Between my phone and my daily planner, I am always scheduling. I write everything in from homework to lessons to blog writing.  It helps keep me organized and on track.  Sometimes my schedule has to vary (More/less homework = more/less riding), but it is certainly a great baseline to have.  You can get a daily planner anywhere (paper or electronic!)

You reach a point in high school when you realize that you can (should) always study.  Whenever I have a few minutes, I like to flip over notes from past classes and occasionally quiz myself.  By giving myself short and easy review sessions, I get a lot more done. In addition, I use my lunch and spare period this semester to eliminate homework.  I am fortunate enough to have an afternoon spare (right after my lunch), so that I can complete anything from my first two classes.

By working all day long, you'are bound to break down (mentally and physically).  I use the barn as my way to relax after school and before homework.  Many people read or watch an episode of TV to relax a bit before they get back to learning. I find that whipping up a chai tea latte and a social media browse does the trick for me.  Relaxation is key to stay mentally fit, both in the classroom and on your horse.