Monday, February 19, 2018

What's in my Tack Trunk


After flipping through the depths of Pinterest, as one does on a lonely Friday night, I came across a game called "What's in your Purse" (Again... the depths of Pinterest).  I giggled and then thought about all the random stuff I have in my tack trunk. I was inspired to write about all of the rational, and irrational things I found in each of these items.  I have split it into three sections so that it is a bit easier to follow along. Since I am home for Holiday break, I am putting my time at the barn to some use!

Solid Cell Phone Quality

Starting with the left side, it includes everything for my tack.
  1. Quarter Sheet
  2. Fleece Cooler
  3. 3 Baby Pads
  4. Acavallo Memory Pad
  5. Fleeceworks half pad
  6. Memory Foam Girth (to keep warm)
Now the right side houses my stuff and all my grooming goodies.
  1. My helmet/My Mum's helmet
  2. My grooming bin (Dollarama bin with all the brushes that did not come to school)
  3. Extra paddock boots
  4. Extra girth and fuzzy girth cover
  5. My tack cleaning bucket
  6. Shampoo (Spray on and Regular)
  7. Show Sheen
  8. Quick Braid
  9. Flyspray
  10. MTG
  11. Ecolicious De-Stress
  12. Baby Wipes
  13. Apple Horse Treats
  14. Phyllis Stein or Lulu Lemon Hoodie
  15. Braid Kit
  16. Halter and Leadshank
Finally, the tray holds off of the smaller items.
  1. 6 sets of polos
  2. 3 sets of gloves
  3. 2 hairnets
  4. Mints
  5. Lint Roller
  6. Name tags and zip ties
That is what is in my tack trunk! Stay tuned for more post in 2018!