Thursday, January 04, 2018

Things to be Excited for

I write this post on my way to my first class of 2018 because I am honestly so excited for the things coming up in my life. Here is a look at the top few things...

An interesting set of classes!
This semester I am taking five courses that are all required for first-year Integrated Business and Humanities students. I am taking two business courses, one being Macroeconomics and the second being Canadian Business Perspectives. The three remaining courses are more of a humanities focus including Ethics, Sociolinguistics, and Community Engagement. These five courses are unique to what I learned the last term and therefore will be challenging but also quite fun!

Horsey Related Events!
This weekend I am attending a Sheri Whitworth clinic at Vector Equestrian which is sure to be educational and entertaining. In a bold move, I am going to catch ride a horse for the clinic which is sure to keep me on my toes. From there, I have a few OCEA shows left in the season to compete in and starting up lessons with two of my teammates!

McMaster Model UN!
I have been geeking out for McMaster Model UN since I received my acceptance letter. It is a four-day event hosted at the Hamilton Convention Centre, bringing hundreds of students from McMaster and beyond. I have competed in Model UN through my high school districts for the past three years and look forward to starting my collegiate Model UN life!

Some Ruff Competition has their first tournament of 2018 in a couple of weeks! The last competition was in early November so we may be a bit rusty. Jive is approaching a milestone in NAFA and is a few tournaments away from achieving it!

Being back at McMaster!
I have quite honestly missed McMaster. It is such a fun environment to be a part of, academically and socially. I am looking forward to exploring the campus even more in this second term and growing more familiar with the area.

With that, I have got to go! I am minutes away from my first class at the new Hamilton CityLabs!