Thursday, January 25, 2018

Product Review: Back on Track Canine Mesh Rug

All product reviews will be chosen personally as based on their function, originality and benefits.

Back on Track is heard in half of the daily conversations at my barn.  The majority of us who ride at the barn have at least one product from the company.  We have seen great benefits from the products on the horses and people alike, however, the improvements in my dogs cannot go unnoticed.

Jive modeling her 'Ji-raffe' collar and BOT Mesh rug

Pictured above is my dog Jive.  She is a five-year-old Border Collie and Whippet cross.  We compete in Flyball and train in other dog sports.  She is the definition of a Canine Athlete and therefore, must be treated as such.  We had purchased a canine mesh rug for one of our other dogs, Shuffle and always boasted of the benefits.  So when Greenhawk had the Back on Track rugs on sale last year, and conveniently had Jive's size, I could not say no.

Back on Track states on their website that "Every dog can benefit from the natural warmth therapy this blanket provides."  The mesh material makes the rug suitable year round.  It can be used during the summer, between practices and competitions or ayered under winter blankets on a walk.

The state of the art Back on Track technology reflects the dog’s natural body warmth and uses it to create infrared thermal warmth. By doing so, it  increases blood circulation, can reduce inflammation, and diminish recovery time.

It is my go to for prevention and injury recovery for myself, as well as Jive.  After a long weekend f flyball, we head back and bundle up in our BOT gear, thus ensuring we will feel 110% tomorrwo morning. If I was to rate it out of 10... It would be an 11.

Stay tuned for more great products in the series.  You can find a list of Back on Track retailers here.