Monday, January 15, 2018

Strong Riders

I am thrilled to have been a part of Riders for Well Being in the past.  R4WB was founded by Kate Kosnoff to promote being strong, happy, and healthy (both physically and mentally).  When I heard to R4WB, I knew that I wanted to be apart of it.  I wrote this post for the R4WB blog last when it first started but it still rings true.  I truly feel that it was time to repost it here.

Most riders have dealt with self-consciousness, but more so in the past few years.  We cannot help but notice the "thin, tall, and well-proportioned" stereotype.  Healthy, to me, is not a breech size or fitting into extra-slim boots.  Healthy is being strong - physically, mentally and emotionally.  

Sadly, many people still believe that to be the best you have to be skinny.  I want to remodel/eliminate/change this idea and make it so that everyone believes that to be the best you have to be strong. Strong is defined as "having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks or able to withstand great force or pressure.".  As riders and young adults, being strong is certainly something to strive for.

That is where you come in.  I want you to help promote a healthy and strong body image for fellow riders.  Being strong is important in the horse world and in everyday life.   From now on I will be using the word strong on social media in lieu of a physical descriptor, and I ask that you do the same.  We must remember that "Every rider possesses, to his advantage or disadvantage, whichever the case, a figure for riding" (George Morris) and start treating each other as such.