Wednesday, January 10, 2018

From Ponies to Public: How to Look Normal in Riding Clothes

Like many riders, I often find myself running errands while in barn clothes. My most recent offence was shopping after an all day clinic over the weekend.

I admit that I have been to the hair salon or grocery store with riding clothes and the fresh scent of horse on me.  Although time is often limited (we all spend too much time at the barn), we do not have to look poorly.  Here are some quick tips for how to look normal in riding clothes while in town.

First things first, crack out the face wipes.  Barn dirt has a certain smell about it and is not at all flattering. You can clean your face (and arms) of barn dirt by using a face wipe to get rid of any sweat, dirt, or old makeup. If you have sensitive skin, this can also help prevent breakouts. I love the Balea face wipes as they are inexpensive but effective.

Once I have ridded myself of barn dirt, I will apply a small amount of lotion and chap stick.  Always keeping some chap stick will save you lips from becoming cracked and damaged, no matter the weather.  My go to products are EOS lip balm and EcoLicious Equestrian products as they are natural and lightly scented.  To finish off, brush your hair out or toss it up in a pony tail or bun.  Since I have shorter hair, I keep a headband in my tack trunk just in case.  To be frank, if I am wearing my barn clothes in public, I do not need to look perfect.  My goal is simply  not to be stared at by everyone I pass.

Who doesn't love running errands in cute outfits?

If you really want to rid yourself of the barn smell, bring a change of clothes. Changing your clothes a big part of getting rid of the horsey smell. Be sure to bring comfy clothes, especially if you have been in your riding clothes for the full day.  I always bring a pair of comfy shoes (because riding boots are not always the cleanest)

You are ready to take on the public... even in your riding clothes! These quick and easy steps will keep you clean and fresh and at least presentable!