Saturday, January 20, 2018

Packing for Perfection

I am awful when it comes to packing for horse shows.  I admit that I always over pack, but at least that means that I never forget anything.  I often bring a trunk to shove all of my tack, clothes, blankets and such in as well as a smaller bag to store all of my smaller things. I have really had to adapt to how little I need for an OCEA show, but here it is!

First things first, I keep an assortment of cosmetics in my helmet bag.  Sunscreen is a must for me as I inherited my mother's fair skin in the summer, but it is replaced with mosturizer in the winter. By keeping it in my bag, I know where it is and can reapply when needed.  I also bring one or two chap sticks (tinted and plain).  I find that showing in the sun or cold can really dry your lips out, so I always have something packed.  Also a small package of facial wipes is necessary.  These little items keep me looking semi human, even at the end of the weekend.

Also in my bag, you would find some of my riding stuff.  I hide my back up RWR "No Knot Hair Net" in my bag.  I keep one tied to my helmet, but the likelihood of my losing it or ripping it is rather high.  In order to prevent this, I keep a back-up in my bag where I know I can find one if needed. I also keep an extra pair of boot socks in my bag.  The nylon pairs are cute but can rip after a lot of shows so I find that a back up pair can save the day.

Basically me... Hence why I bring a Tide-To-Go stick
Then in a second bag is a change of clothes (always comfy and warm in the winter). I also toss in a quick snack and a water bottle in my bag as well as a bag of mints. Of course, I bring money for horse show food as well as my phone and my phone charger.

My last bags are my garment and boot bags, which are pretty crucial! Finally, I keep a Tide-To-Go Pen.  No matter the weather I love to have horse show food and know that one day, I will spill food on my breeches or show shirt.  I have a backup shirt and breeches, but the Tide-To-Go Stain Pen is a saviour for smaller stains. Since OCEA shows are long and chilly, I pack my quarter sheet and cooler to keep myself warm!

That is how I pack for perfection!  Here is hoping I do not miss anything!