Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Stocking Stuffing for Equestrians!

Starting Off my Holiday Theme, today's post is about Stocking Stuffers.  I will be tackling items that are only $20 or less.  Although there are so many small stocking-sized items, I believe that the price determines the difference between a stocking stuffer and a gift.  Without further ado...

1) Hair nets
No such thing as too many hairnets! Real Women Ride hairnets are my go to and should be yours too.  They are durable, inexpensive and can finish off you riding outfit.

2) Manicure Items
Between the barn and now school, a little spa time is a must.  For at home manicures, my go-to is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (It's inexpensive but can survive a week at the barn!).  It comes in a variety of colours but I love Red Eye and Blackie O.  I am a big fan of Ecolicious (for myself and my horse!) and recommend Hands On Lotion for your at-home spa sessions. (However, for my none at home spa sessions, Cuccio Veneer Shellac is my pick)

3) Socks
This is on every equestrian's wishlist.  Whether winter or summer, socks are a necessity. You can choose a fun pattern or something subtle, whichever will match you outfit better. I love Dreamers and Schemers boot socks and 4 White Socks for my woolly ones!

4) Lip balm
I swear by EOS lip balm.  It has helped me survive bitter winters and comes on 4-packs at Costco. EcoLicious lip balm and "Unicorn Farts" lip balm are certainly popular choices as well.  Getting the right lip balm to sooth your favorite equestrian’s chapped, dry lips can go a long way.

5) Horse Treats
Between Greenhawk and the Bulk barn, my horse never goes without treats.  Stock up on peppermints from the bulk barn as they are cheap and human-appropriate. However, Gracie is a fan of Horsey Bits, Martin's and Likit bars.. (Gracie has her own stocking which I fill up with horse treats and candy canes).

Obviously, there are SO many stocking stuffers for equestrians but I hope that this list gives you an idea or two.  Stay tuned!