Sunday, December 31, 2017

Looking Back... Part 2!

I wanted to take this time to look back at 2017 and what and exciting year it was for me.  Obviously, there were lots of highlights and the occasional obstacle to overcome. I have decided to split this post into two in order not to bore you.  Here is July to December

July was a very busy month with camp and horse shows. I showed Jon once again at RCRA and had four of my best rounds yet in the Trillium Hunters. I wrapped up the weekend winning the Adult Equitation on the flat... icing on the cake. After a mass of camp, sleepovers, ponies and smiling kids galore, I wrapped up the month showing a pony at the local series. Little Pea was a star, winning two trips and finishing Champion!

August was a bittersweet month. I had two more weeks of camp at SJD which brought even more laughs and memories. Custom and Shuffle travelled to Amherstberg for a second UFLI tournamnet, both posting very solid times. The week following was the Zone Classic. I rode Jon again in the Trillium Hunters against a wonderful bunch on the Friday and managed some great ribbons including a win in the last trip. On Sunday, I placed in the Adult Equitations and finished 4th out of a massive bunch in the 3'0/3'3/3'6 Open Hunter Derby, being one of the few amateurs to place.  My wonderful barnmates hosted a surprise party for me which was truly spectacular. To wrap up the month, I travelled to THJA Finals to show Jon in the Trillium Hunters. I had some ups and downs but brought home some ribbons!

Then came September and my time at McMaster began! I am a proud member of the Integrated business and Humanities program at McMaster. I am surrounded by 47 other IBH'ers who are driven, funny and a pleasure to know. Being such a small group, a lot of September was spent familiarizing ourselves with each other and introductions to the classes. I was lucky to have 5 professors who made my first term easy to enjoy. In September, I also joined the McMaster Equestrian club and went through the tryout process to ride on the OCEA show team. Here I have met another bunch of amazing people from different programs and years. In late September, Jive came to join me in Stoney Creek and has since given me another reason to smile every day while at school.

October came quickly and so did the first round of assignmnents. I went to my first Degroote Women in Buisness meeting and McMaster Model UN meeting before the fall recess and met even more people who I have made friendships with. I went home for fall reccess and was able to ride a lot before driving down to Inidianopolis for the NAFA CanAm. SRC did wonderfully against tough competition, finished 6th place overall in the Regular CanAm Inivitational. When I came back to Mac, I had my first OCEA show which went quite well but a rail and sloppy transition put my out of the ribbons. Finally there was the Central East Banquet where Susan and I proudly accepted hope Town's third place ribbon in the Trillium Hunters!

Then came November! My birthday, the Royal, OCEA shows, SJD Banquet and MID TERMS! A busy month for sure but certainly well balanced. I started the month with my 19th birthday and a trip to the Royal with family and friends. There I met a number of contacts I have made online and got to see them in action at their RAWF Booths.  In the following weeks, I travelled to Arva and then Ancaster for OCEA shows, each time coming home with a ribbon in the Equitation over fences. The Ancaster show was very special as the McMaster team also brough home the spirit awards. Also squished in the month was my trip home and the SJD Equestrian Awards Banquet where I was presented with the Rider of the Year trophy for the fifth consectutive year... It is proudly displayed now at my Mac Home in Stoney Creek.

Then suddenly it was December and time for Exams. I lucked into only having three but by no means did this lessen my time spent studying.  However, when I finally went home I truly felt that I did the best on each exam that I could. On the 19th, Jive and I went home. I have spent the past days at the barn rather frequently and spending time with family and friends, near and far. I would not have this year go any other way.

With that, I am off. I wish you all a wonder 2018 that was better than the last!