Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Looking Back at 2017

2017 was a very big year for me, so I want to take the time to look back at some of the highlights of the year.

In January, I part boarded a lovely horse named Parker while at SJD Equestrian. He taught me a lot of skills with his fun and quirky personality. We started the year by playing at the first 2017 SJD Holiday Show and had some success for such a new partnership. Also at that show, a number of my students made their horse show debuts or improved from the fall, which is always great to see. In school, I wrapped up the first term of my victory lap and added another three credits to my name. I had applied and was awaiting replies from the schools I applied to (mainly McMaster and Waterloo)! As always in January, cold weather persisted, but I survived and made it to February.

February was the annual barn trip to King's Grant Farm, and I was lucky enough to take Parker this year. It was a fun day and as always a great learning experience (and SJD potluck)! We had another fun Holiday Horse Show which was another learning curve for Parker and I.  I cannot neglect the fact that February was No Stirrup (and reins!) month for us at SJD, which is never a dull moment. I was even awarded the winner of or No Stirrups Ride Off! I started my last term of high school at this time which was pretty nervewracking but eased with my first offer of admissions to McMaster!

March was a special month. I was lucky to celebrate three years as Gracie's owner and four years as Jive's owner! These two gals have made a huge impact on my riding career, dogsport life and life in general. I also had the great opportunity to catch ride Jon in the Trillium 3'3 Open Hunters (but I am no stranger). We put together some nice rounds and wrapped up Reserve Champion with our second class jogging on top! March also featured March Break camp with was freezing cold but tonnes of fun as always!

April had our last Holiday Show in our wee series, a Peter Stoekl clinic and a huge decision for me! At the start of April, I decided to confirm my admission to McMaster in the Integrated Business and Humanities program which was a huge and exciting moment! Parker and I had some fun playing in our Holiday Show, and the Peter Stoekl clinic as we prepared for my Amateur debut in May.

In May I made my Ammy debut with Parker at RCRA. It was a busy but fun weekend, wrapping up with placings in the Low Adults, Hack Division and Equitations. Parker and I finished with a second in the Amateur medal despite a big pilot error (whoops). I attended the first IBH Luncheon at the May at Mac event which was a wonderful opportunity to become acquainted with the campus and people I who I would be seeing a lot of!

In June I was wrapping up high school once and for all. But I started the month off with a dog tournament and showing Jon Jon at the Trillium at Palgrave show. We jogged on top in the third round and finished with some great ribbons in the Trillium Hunters. A blonde moment on my part left us one point from the second round in the Hunter Classic. A couple weeks later, I cleared out my locker and left Innisdale once and for all!

Now, I am going to pause here and look the last six months in my next posting. Thank you for all your support this year!