Friday, December 15, 2017

Winterizing your ROOTD

December is finally here which means Winter is near!  Without further ado, here is my winter must haves.

Vests are the perfect addition to your ROOTDs.  They are ideal for cooler, but not cold temperatures. They are a great alternative to a long-sleeve jacket There are quite a few options available for any price range.  My go to vests are my Joe Fresh vest and my quilted vest from Cedar Run.  The Cedar Run vest is definitely a lighter weight vest, so I prefer to use it in the later part of Fall.  My Joe Fresh vest is really affordable and REALLY warm.  You can find a vest to fit your budget and your weather situation.

Winter Gloves
I only have one pair of winter gloves so a new pair is certainly needed for me.  I have a pair of fleece lined gloves from Bahr Saddlery that have lasted me the past two winters.  However, they are bulky and make riding a bit difficult.  They are lots of great riding gloves available that are slimmer, including the Samshield Winter Gloves and  Roeckl Winter Gloves.  I would also suggets the Back on Track glove liners, as they can fit under your current gloves and transform them into winter gloves... Bibbity Boppity Boo!

Lined Breeches
I have two pairs of lined breeches (Thank you Quinn), and they are a Winter must.  I wear them alone when it is chilly or with a pair of fleece base bottoms when it is downright cold.  I adore my Kerrits winter breeches as they are made of durable, wind and water resistant Polartec Windpro fleece.  They are slim fitting which eliminates bulk in your boots (Which is uncomfortable and annoying). 

Base Layers
You can buy these at any retail store - horsey or not.  I have 3 sets of Paradox base layers (tops and bottoms) from Costco that I have accumulated over the past years.  They come in cute colours and patterns and I have been known to wear a Base Top as a riding top every now and then. They are inexpensive, warm and lightweight... You will thank me later.

That concludes my post for my Winter Must Haves!