Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Thank You Note...

For the last three years, we have done a banquet at my barn to celebrate our many successes from the past year. The last three years I sponsored the Up and Coming Rider award for the banquet.  In 2016, I also sponsored the Future Equitation Star.  I value the hard work and dedication demonstrated by this year's recipients.

I would like the thank all of those who donated gifts to EQonomics or the SJD Banquet in years past! Your kind and generous support makes the event truly special!

Below are some of my new favourite companies!
  • Fergus the Horse is a cartoon strip character created by Jean Abernethy.  In the late 1990s, this little bay horse with white socks and a blaze was born. I know for a fact that this year's winner will find humour and heart in The Essential Fergus the Horse.
  • Ontario Equestrian is a brand new magazine in tune with the interests of well....Ontario Equestrians!
  • Running Fox is a wonderful, quaint tack shop that has a MASSIVE variety of products.  We have four super stylish winners!
  • Hacks and Hills has a new collection of clothes that are fresh, stunning and brilliant. I am in love with the H&H polo that I won for "Rider of the Year"!
  • Huntley Equestrian is based out of Florida, but I took notice of their unique and adorable products for all equestrians.
  • Galloping Goop is the for anyone on a grey or pinto. They have three products (degreaser, shampoo, and conditioner) that can make the shaggiest of ponies sparkle!
  • Horsey Bits is one of Gracie's favourite special treats! Sweet smelling and I am sure sweet tasting. A variety of flavours!
  • Sho-Clean Horse Blanket Specialists are the saviors of the horse world. Cleaning or repairs, they have got you covered!
  • Doonaree Tack Shoppe is the best secret of Cookstown. Famous for their consignment area, they have a lot of new and unique products!
  • Martin Horse Treats are my favourite to use in Gracie's stretches because they are smaller and not as decadent as the Horsey Bits... But don't let that fool you, she would still eat a bag.

Once again, I would like to thank SJD Equestrian and Susan Duncan for hosting a great event!