Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The New EQonomics

Good Morning!

EQonomics has taken a backseat in my life the past few months with show season, work and then starting my first year of University. For those of you who do not follow me on social media, I have started in my first year at McMaster University in Hamilton.  I am lucky enough to be one of the 50 selected students in the brand new integrated Business and Humanities course. Like the name implies, it offers a balance of commerce classes and humanities classes to help shape us over the next four years - with wonderful opportunities throughout the program!

The horsey side of me has not gone away though.  One of the exciting things about university (and now colleges as well) is the Ontario Collegiate Equestrian Association.  The OCEA was originally structured based on the Intercollegiate Horse Show Associate in the USA, but over time it has evolved into something truly its own. Like the IHSA, the OCEA offers hunter equitation classes to riders ranging in ability, and riders compete on donated horses that they have not previously ridden. I am looking forward to competing with the McMaster Team on the Open level this Sunday at our first show.

I am lucky to still have a great connection with my coach Susan in Barrie. I was lucky to go home for Reading Week and balance studying with riding. I was ecstatic to see Jon Jon, Gracie and all my favourites at SJD Equestrian.  But I know they are all well loved and looked after while I am gone.  I am looking forward to catching up with barn-mates and Susan as well as my fellow Central East competitors at the Central East Trillium Zone Banquet on Saturday. After that, I will be counting down the days to the Royal Winter Fair and the SJD Equestrian Awards Banquet!

Now as much as I love to talk about the excitement in my life, the real purpose of this post is to explain the new  Traditionally I have written about riding experiences, products, and trends in the equestrian community.  This has been a very successful area for me and the blog, however, it is time for EQonomics to expand into something bigger. EQonomics will continue to focus on the equestrian community but will expand into university lifestyle and utilize the skills that I learn over my four years at university.  Fear not, there will still be lots of product posts and photos of Jon and Gracie!

With all of this being said, I am inviting you to email or DM me if you have a topic you would like me to address or article you have written that you would like to share, send me an email at

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